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Nightcore Music (JP) - Playlist

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Music : Nightcore ~ Distance (Kazusa)


Another new music added or uploaded.

I'll be keeping the pace at 1 music; every 2 days at minimum pace.

So make sure to check out the channel or this blog and/or subscribe to the channel; remember to click on the bell icon next to it for notification.

There are currently 2 channels; 1st channel is for sharing multiple fun things (Main) and the 2nd channel is mainly for music.


Anyone interested in SoundCloud music sharing? If you like; starting from the 10th music or when I reached the 10th music that I've edited; I'll upload all the music that I've edited to SoundCloud as well.

If you are interested in downloading the music; let me know, I'll include a special link for you to download. Not in SoundCloud though. Well; if you happen to be a patreon supporter, then i'll make it so you can access it faster.


As times goes, I'll appreciate any kind of support from you; fellow visitor.
Anyway, hope you enjoy it.


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